Testimonials from Boarders

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“Mount Erin Boarding House has opened opportunities that otherwise would have been unavailable to me”
Alex James Year 11 Boarder pictured above 
The best thing about boarding school is the big community that it is. I love that it’s like a second family to me and many others.
KiGallery Image Life as a boarder 5.jpgFor me, Mount Erin Boarding House is much more than just a safe, enjoyable place to live during the school week. It is a place where students can work and socialise with each other to form life-long friendships and live as part of a caring community. The music, sport and recreation facilities available at Mt Erin make filling free time no problem at all, not to mention the fantastic tutors and resources for students to access for help with their all-important studies!
KiGallery Image Life as a boarder 6.jpgFor me and the other students at Mount Erin Boarding House is much more than just a home away from home. It is where students can live amongst a caring community of staff and students and flourish in their learning and development . The facilities at Mt Erin are fantastic and mean that afternoons are never long and boring!
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Mount Erin Boarding House has been a place of opportunity for me, opening up possibilities that would never have been possible where I live.

Luke Backhaus Year 11