Dance has been an integral component of every known culture, providing a means of expression and an extension of work and lifestyle patterns. It has accompanied the evolution of humanity as an integral part of the history of human movement, culture and communication. Dance provides a way of knowing about oneself, other people and the world. (Stage 6 Syllabus)
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Dance involves the development of physical skill as well as aesthetic, artistic and cultural understanding. Learning in dance and learning through dance enables students to apply their own experiences to their study of dance. They learn to express ideas creatively as they make and perform dances, and analyse dance as works of art. They think imaginatively and share ideas, feelings, values and attitudes while physically and intellectually exploring the communication of ideas through movement.


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The integration of the practices of performance, composition and appreciation is key and the elements of dance are the components that link the study of the practices. The practices are interrelated and equally important and they inform one another, providing opportunities for students to explore and understand their world. In practice, learning in dance is spiral in nature, incorporating earlier stages and building on itself. Safe dance practice is embedded through the practices to ensure that students are able to maintain safe, healthy and rewarding lives. (Stage 4&5 Syllabus)
At Kildare Catholic College, Dance is an extremely popular and highly valued component of the Creative Arts faculty. Dance  is offered to students as an elective in Stage 5 and as a HSC course in Stage 6. Students have the chance to perform in the biannual College musicals and Cabarat shows in order to develop their skills and refine their skills. They also attend workshops run by external professional artists both here in Wagga and Sydney at least twice a year, broadening their expertise and repertoire. Dance students enjoy viewing live performances of professional works both here in Wagga and Sydney in order to appreciate the beauty of dance as an artform. The annual College Dance Night is held in Term 4 where students perform both class work and pieces of their own composition for the College and wider community. We also run the thriving Dance Committee comprised of passionate and interested students, keen to promote and celebrate Dance within the College community. We hold lunch time workshops and concerts as well as celebrating Dance Week in May.
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