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Contemporary research has demonstrated explicit links between language learning and improved literacy skills and that even limited experience of the learning of languages is shown to increase metalinguistic awareness and enhance general cognitive development.

Learning a language helps students develop a sense of cultural pluralism, an openness to and appreciation of other cultures.

French is a major world language and along with English, is the only language spoken on all five continents.  A significant part of the French language study involves learning about and experiencing French culture and lifestyle.

The essential content consists of a mandatory 100-hours study over one continuous 12-month period (Year 8).  The students  participate in activities which develop both spoken and written French as well as an understanding of French culture.  They are encouraged to listen, speak, read and write French in a range of interactions with the teacher, peers plus a range of media. They explore the nature of languages by making comparisons between French and English, leading to an appreciation of the correct application of linguistic structures and vocabulary.


Topic Studied in Stage 4 may include:

  • Talking about myself and other
  • Numbers
  • Physical description of a personP1010639-min
  • Family members
  • Colours and animals of farm and pets
  • School subjects and items


French may also be studied as an elective course in Stage 5 for 200 hours.

Topic Studied in Stage 5 may include:

  • Types and styles of clothes
  • Household chores
  • Ordering food and drink ; meals (including recipe)
  • Sports and hobbiesP1010601-min
  • House description and real estate
  • Different means of travel
  • Weather and climate
  • Francophone countries
  • Town descriptions and directions