English 6

The aim of the Kildare English Department is to develop in our students a love of literature and learning. We are committed to equipping our students with knowledge and skills that will enable them to experiment with ideas and expression, to become active, independent learners, to work with each other and to reflect on their learning.

The College follows the NSW Board of Studies curriculum in Years 7-12. In the junior years our faculty places a strong emphasis on lessons which aim to capture curiosity and engage learners. The English department is committed to creating a culture where student learning is supported by explicit instruction, authentic and relevant tasks and timely feedback.

A collaborative learning culture is a strong feature of the Kildare English classroom.  Curriculum planning, teaching practices and professional learning are all designed to improve student learning.  Students are challenged to communicate their ideas in a variety of ways, and use technology to enhance their learning.  A differentiated approach is designed to meet the learning needs of each student.

Accelerated Reader Photographs

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