Human Society and its Environment is the study of people, societies, cultures and environments. Students in Human Society and Its Environment develop knowledge, understanding and skills that are not only relevant to the school context but they are directly transferable to the real world.

In HSIE at Kildare Catholic College, students can study a range of subjects including:

– Geography
– History: Ancient, Modern, Australian and Extension.
– Commerce
– Business Studies
– Legal studies
– Society and Culture

Students are encouraged to:

– Promote Gospel Values with the broad aim of educating for a better world where students are encouraged to develop Christian attitudes towards the wide range of issues considered in their courses.

– Develop an ability to participate as active and informed citizens in our democratic Australian society and within the wider global context.

– Develop understanding, respect and empathy for cultural heritage particularly Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

– Increase their awareness of the legal system, their work rights, human rights as well the overall rights and responsibilities as citizens.

– Develop an appreciation for the global physical environment and be able to develop the skills to become a responsible global citizen.

– Develop a capacity to exercise judgement in matters of morality, ethics and social justice.

– Develop their financial literacy, numeracy and literacy skills.

– Develop a sense of personal, local, national and global identity.

– Participate in maintaining and improving the quality of their society and environment.

– Develop an understanding of forces, events, individuals and institutions that have shaped our history and contributed to change and continuity in our world.

– Develop their ability to locate, select, analyse and evaluate information from a variety of sources.

– Develop reasoned explanations and hypothesis to present an informed argument.

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