Stage 6

Design and Technology

The study of Design and Technology Stage 6 develops conceptual understanding and enables students to creatively apply these to specific technological endeavors through design projects.  It also seeks to develop students’ appreciation of the historical and cultural influences on design and the interrelationships of design, technology, society and the environment.

Design and Technology has a unique focus on creativity, innovation and the successful implementation of innovative ideas. Students will investigate the importance of evaluation, the role of computer-based technologies, management, communication and collaborative design, as well as exploring current and emerging technologies. Through the completion of quality design projects, students are provided with the opportunity to develop specific production and manufacturing skills.

Industrial Technology – Timber

Industrial Technology- Timber seeks to raise students’ awareness of the interaction between technology, industry, society and the environment, and to develop their ability to make value judgement about issues, decisions and problems arising from this interaction. Students achieve this by applying practical experiences with timber technology, management and organisation of industry.

HSC Projects