End Of Year Newsletter No.5 (14 December 2017)

Hello everyone,

Thank you to all involved in the the work of Kildare Catholic College in 2017.

End Of Year Newsletter No.5 (14 December 2017)

Students, congratulations on the year of learning and growing. Remember our hope for you is that you do as well, or close to as well, as you possibly can and I particularly congratulate those who can reflect on the year and say ‘I gave it a great shot’.

Parents, thank you for your ongoing support and staff thank you for your outstanding work. Next year we start again and I wish you all the best in the interim, for a safe, holy and enjoyable Christmas.

Thank you to Paul Kenny, Sally Jamieson, Pip De Mattia, Bridget McMeekin and Tony Hanson for their excellent work over 2017 replacing staff on leave. All the best to Simon Huntly, Col Parker, Catherine Banks, Brendan Ashby and Vicky Langley who leave us after many individual and collective years of fine service to the Kildare community.

Below are some details from the 2017 HSC results. Well done – best results ever!

All the best


Kildare Catholic College 2017 HSC Results

Kildare Catholic College Year 12 students achieved the best results in the 14 year history of the HSC in the 2017 HSC.

41% of all results were Band 6 or 5 with 65 Band 6 results and 157 Band 5 results.

77% of all results were Band 6, 5 or 4.

Alison Dean and Georgia O’Connell made the State All-Rounder list for achieving all Band 6 results.

32 students shared the 65 Band 6 results. 16 students received more than 1 Band 6.

Subject Band 6 results were  SOR 1 (10), PDHPE (9), Music 1 (7), Advanced English (5), Standard English (5) Modern History (5), Mathematics (4), SOR II (4), Legal Studies (3),  Biology (3)  Senior Science (2), Society and Culture (2), History Extension (2), General Maths (2), Economics (1) and CAFS (1)

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