Newsletter No.3 (9 March 2018)

Hello everyone,

Today saw the opening of the Mt Erin Heritage Centre, which documents and celebrates the story of the Presentation Sisters in Wagga Wagga.

More than 1000 of us learn and work on this site because of the Presentation Sisters. I don’t know if anyone has calculated the number of students educated here since the first Sisters arrived in 1878 but I do know the number is large and increasing at an increasing rate.

The centre will be visited by many for historical, nostalgic, family and reunion purposes and it will serve these functions well. It will also be visited by each current Kildare student and all incoming students to make visible the legacy of care and education founded here and to connect us to a past that is much more similar to the present that we may at first realise. The key message for me from this Heritage Centre is that while the artefacts change and evolve over time, the work of education and care remain timeless. The Presentation Sisters have always been ahead of their time and the work today still revolves around a genuine concern for learning, wellbeing, improving life opportunities and assisting all to become more fully human in a specifically and proudly Catholic culture and setting.

AT Kildare we are very happy to be involved in a co-governance of this Centre and look forward to supporting and growing all functions of this Centre. Well done to all and may the visitors be many.

All the best

Rod Whelan

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