Term 3 Newsletter No2 (28 July 2017)

Hello everyone,

Newsletter No2 (28 July 2017)

Students in Years 7, 8 and 9 have looked at their Semester Report in a whole Year meeting and in their coaching sessions. Year 10 students will do the same next week. They spent time planning for improved learning, particularly by focusing on work habits and skills common to several subjects. Students who are able to easily interpret their Report in terms of what is going well and what needs more work are at an advantage when it comes to improving learning in a particular Semester. Each student has a Google Doc that looks like this:​

It will be a worthwhile exercise at home to have a talk about this planning process and document, and about what needs to happen in Semester 2. Please remember the specialist literacy and numeracy support available for students who request it. Coaching time provides the perfect opportunity for students to discuss with their coaching teacher what support they would like. Please contact the appropriate Academic Care Coordinator if you believe a student needs more assistance in this area.

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