Term 3 Newsletter No4 ( 28 August 2017)

Hello everyone,

Newsletter No4 ( 28 August 2017)

Congratulations and best wishes to our Year 12 students as they negotiate the important time between Trial and HSC exams. It is a stressful time for many and sometimes the College draws flack for features of the NSW HSC that are beyond its control. It is a rigorous and exacting accreditation, recognised as the most challenging in the country.

Our role is to accept the inherent features of the HSC, and provide students with a setting that maximises their chances of achieving what they want to achieve. The two foundational elements of this approach are a continual improvement of classroom practice, and a spirit of collaboration rather than competition. Every HSC cohort demonstrates that effective team-focused use of this time between exams produces big learning gain. Thanks to HSC parents for their ongoing support. Students and parents: please ask for the support you need for students to finish on an upward trajectory.

Thanks for support for the many events and activities of recent times. These include Book Week, Year 12 Boarding Graduation, Year 12 Drama Nights and more. Coming up are Kildare Day, Year 12 Mass and Awards, and Year 12 HSC Practical and Major Work marking.

All the best

Rod Whelan

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